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Monday, September 18, 2006

6:17PM - Patience

I am considering adding patience to my "things I am goddess of" list. I need to get SOMETHING for driving home from Jonesboro, singing Dave Matthews Band songs to a screeching 8 week old who hasn't had a nap all day long. I also fear I will be feeding him before I get my own supper...

Current mood: patient

Saturday, September 16, 2006

5:48PM - Knitting Goddesses

Goddess Central officially needs to be revived. *nodnod*

I am HillaryGayle, goddess of Love, War, and Overlords of All Shapes & Sizes. Today I am running about with fellow goddess Leslie, Q, and Jodi. Yarn, chocolate, music, and naughty statements are plentiful. Thanks, Dave Matthews Band, for providing songs to spur many an inappropriate conversation. ^_^

So what are all the other goddesses up to?

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

3:16PM - Proclamation of the Grandest Kind

I, Elizabeth, Queen of all four-legged equines and Gator Greenbacks do hereby declare this site as not dead! There shall be no letting it slip into the wayside.

The Queen will not be taking an audience today.

Current mood: artistic

Sunday, January 18, 2004

9:05AM - Dead

This place is (again) dead. So dead, in fact, that LiveJournal's Where Am I function has it on the "inactive cluster"

This can't be good.

I don't actually have anything to say and probably ought to let this thing slip silently away, but ...

Eh, brick.


Wednesday, May 14, 2003

9:23PM - Abomination.

Fellow self-proclaimed dieties.

I, Leto, Goddess of Misanthropy, Cheese, and all things Lapine, bring you distressing news. As some of you know Loxley, my High Priest of Cheese and Nose Picking, and I keep up with odd foodstuffs. We've seen purple ketchup, pink butter, purple vanilla pudding, blue french fries, apple flavored french fries, CHOCOLATE flavored french fries, and now this, the Ultimate Abomination:

Confetti Fish Sticks

Yes, that's right...fish sticks with SPRINKLES on them. I hereby declare these and Abomination before Goddess Central. I declare that we find the "powers that be" at the company that makes Fisher Boy brand fish sticks, and force them to eat one of their latest creations.

That is all. Peace be with you.

Current mood: nauseated

Friday, May 9, 2003

9:36PM - The Return

Before him are the myriad choices, all of reality laid out in a panoply of possibilities.
He chooses one, and passes along it to the end.

Within the tower known as Goddess Central, the goddesses covene. To the newcomer some are familiar, others unknown. He pauses, finding his way forward blocked.

Inside, chaos. A beam of light strikes the tower, and the defenses raise in response. A shield of golden power springs into place, holding back the intruder.

He is uncertain... then anger builds. He constructed this tower, they dare keep him out?! The shields fail. Deep within the tower, something stirs.

The light pours through the windows, which shatter at its touch. The light fills the room and soon, within the light, can be discerned a figure. Suggestions of a shadowed face, a sheathed sword, and great wings spreading forth. His foot touches the floor, and the suggestions take form. He drops to a crouch, over six feet of armored god surrounded by robes the color of blood. At his back is a blade which still weeps blood, hanging from his belt is a great hammer, and in his right hand is a silver tube covered in switches and knobs. His raises his head, and light glints from a golden mask marred by a single blue scar. Glowing blue eyes regard the assembled goddesses until they fall upon Crespo-sama. "You, I know," He says.
He stands, and sees Her. The tube in his hand ignites, a blue bar of light hovering an inch from the end of the tube. "What is she doing here?" His voice quivers with rage and a stranger emotion deep within.
"In this place, what happened has no meaning, Lord ArchSchnitz," Crespo lays a restraining hand upon his arm, "Let it go." With an effort of will, he quenches the lightsaber. "Allow me to say welcome," she continues, "It has been a long time since you were last among us. Grateful return, Avatar."

He stands silent, the minutes tick by, and finally with a deep breath he says, "Avatar no longer, Crespo-sama. ArchSchnitz shall be noone's lesser."

And at the base of the tower, something awakened.

More on this in a moment.

Friday, January 10, 2003

3:39PM - Hello Goddesses.

I'm sure some of you are aware of the recent fame certian "crap Gods" have gotten. Examples include Jeff, God of Biscuits and Simon, God of Hairdos.

But what makes a "crap God"?

Surely Jeff who blessed us with biscuits is not a crap God. Sure, he fell off of his throne, but hey. That could have happened to any of us. And surely no one would call Simon who blesses us with "good hair days" useless.

My friend Simon Jester (NOT to be confused with Simon, God of Hairdos) has recently brought to my attention two more lesser deities: The Midwestern Weather Gods: Bob and Dougie. Surely raining down 10 inches of snow in 12 hours is no small feat.

Now, fellow Goddesses, is where I bring up a most sad subject: the possiblility that people consider us "crap Goddesses". Surely we are beloved amongst our people.

And one amongst us (namely, me) has the ability to wield The Frying Pan of Justice:

Proof.Collapse )

Wielding such an object is no small feat and a great responsibility. Varily I did smite the harlot who was trying to tempt my lifemate and High Priest of Cheese and Nosepicking, Loxley.

Let us not use our powers lightly and use them for good, lest we be reduced to "crap Goddesses." Thank you, that is all.

Current mood: Divine

Thursday, January 9, 2003

3:19PM - ech

some days I'd really just like for Christ to return and a bomb to drop on my head. Or something.

This is Thursday; Thursdays are good for me. . .


**this journal user pic would be better if I could have a ticked off look on my face**

posting here 'cause I get the error "this journal is currently in 'read only' mode; try again in a few minutes" in my journal. . .

plus. . . GC's been kinda dead lately. . .

Q, again

Current mood: blah

Sunday, December 8, 2002

9:45PM - Our Favorite Things

Well, it's Christmas, dang it. And around Christmas, a lot of people watch/listen to "The Sound of Music". I have, and I have "My Favorite Things" in my head. So without further ado, I propose we make a list of our favorite things, otherwise known as "Officially Sanctioned Goddess Items".

Electricity: With the small ice storm that just skipped gaily through our area, I am reminded of how much I appreciate "the juice", as my grandfather used to call it. Ours was out the whole day on that first day of freezing rain, and went out again the next night. This house gets COLD, and I suffer badly from internet withdrawal.

Coffee & tea: these are the drinks of the gods (or goddesses, I might say). Warm, yummy, & caffeinated. I'd want some right now if I weren't already buzzing on Diet Mountain Dew. Which brings me to my next items:

Diet Vanilla Coke, Diet Code Red, & Diet Dr. Pepper: These are my 3 favorite sodas. I point out they're diet, because I only switched over to diets this summer, and am still proud of the fact. Walter (father-in-law) laughs at me and says only in America do we order a bacon cheeseburger with a diet soda. What I say is this: if I am going to eat a bacon cheeseburger, my calories are comin' from the CHEESEBURGER, dang it. I am NOT piling 150 MORE calories on top by drinking a regular soda. That said, these are my favorite sodas because there's one for everything. Code Red goes extremely well with heavily flavored food, such as Italian. I LOVE this stuff with pizza. Dr. Pepper plays well with extremely salty food, like popcorn, chips, or other things "junk-food-ish". It also goes massively well with Chinese food and traditional food, like fried chicken, soups & stews, etc. Vanilla Coke is my drink of choice with sweets. (On a side note, I tried it a couple of days ago with a can of Chunky beef stew: DON'T do that. My taste buds were on strike for the whole rest of the day.)

My computer: Chibi is my baby, and I love her. I can write emails, keep in contact with my friends, read the LJs of my fellow goddesses, look up obscure information, print my digital pictures, find information on DDR games, read web comics (I have finally succumbed to Sluggy, btw), and generally entertain the crap out of myself. God bless modern technology! Amen.

My digital camera: I am the menace of my family. Camera in hand, I wait patiently for someone in the family to do something utterly weird, extremely cute, or otherwise photogenic. Then it becomes forever engraved on my Sony memory stick...or, at least until I print it out and stick it on their fridge, unbeknownst to them. Guerilla photography! w00t!

My husband: I figured this went without saying, but hey. What's a "favorite things" list without your favorite person? He's always on my side, he's always got an answer (even if it is just "DDR until you feel better"...that usually works, too), and he looks freaking cute when playing with Pete. He drives when I don't feel like it, he keeps the house picked up, he goes and gets me ibuprofen when my hands hurt, and he makes my entire family laugh uproariously. Just tonight, he and my MOTHER were the class clowns; kept disrupting the membership & body life group meeting at church. ^_^ Terry tried to throw them out of the room twice, but I think he realizes Bryan is younger & spry-er than he is, and Momma is like 20 times meaner, and bites. ^_^

Pete: Pete is our rat terrier, my LJ icon, and about the cutest thing that has ever walked on 4 legs in this house. He has invented a new game: solitare fetch. This involves NO throwing on the part of a human. Pete has a beanie baby frog which he takes in his mouth, flings across the room with a remarkably coordinated flip of his little head, and then runs down and viciously shakes. It's almost like "How DARE you run from me, FROG?! Take that!" He has learned sit VERY well, but "up" is harder, and we CANNOT make him stop sleeping on the back of the couch...mostly because it's way too cute for us to tell him to quit.

Pita bread: I've been eating this like a maniac for the last few weeks. It's just good.

My family: my family is one huge unit. Some people have internal politics in their families (my sister's soon-to-be husband comes to mind), but my family is one cohesive THING. If we move, we do so as a group. I LIKE that. Also, my family is BIG. When most people hear or say "family", they're talking Mom, Dad, Siblings. Not so in my family. If you were to ask me, I would really & truly feel that my IMMEDIATE family consists of Momma, Daddy, Aunt Ginger, Uncle Aaron (ask me about them sometime), Ty, Trent, Courtney, Kelsey, J.T., Bryan, and Grandma Wanda. Half the time, it involves another family: Terry, Julie, Ryan, & Jacob Williams, and it's coming to always mean Ashley, Kelsey's girlfriend. And every sunday afternoon, we ALL go out to eat together. Waitresses fear us. Everyone in my life has a PLACE in my family, including my husband and my best friend. Q, in case you didn't know, you're the Biblical scholar & one of the resident geniuses. Bryan's the electrical, computer, & gadget guru as well as the math genius. I'm the family historian, English genius, and Knower-of-Many-Things-Obscure. We've got the Matriarch, the General Fun Organizer, the Clown, etc. And we don't ever really argue among us, unless it's little things, like whether we have peanut butter bonbons or banana pudding at the Christmas Eve party (we usually get both) or where to HOLD said party (this year, "The Farm" won out--it's my parents house! w00t!)

Houseshoes: My feet are always cold.

Squashy pillows, daffodils, Japanese food, books, books, books, music, books. Extremely large sweatshirts, boots that make my legs look good, Lane Bryan jeans, Old Navy clothes, my truck, my house, the lake out here on the farm, the family herd of dogs, our home office (tribute to a dorm room, it is) my friends, world peace, and doughnuts.

Okay. Now y'all's turn. ^_^

Current mood: content

Monday, November 11, 2002

2:20PM - A question for the Goddesses.

Has anyone heard of the book 10 Lies the Church Tells Women: How the Bible has been misused to keep women in spiritual bondage? I heard about this book on another community and I am very interested. I was wondering if anyone had read it. Personally, it sounds like good reading. I'd like to see how the author, J. Lee Grady, refutes these common misconception. Anyway, here is Amazon.com information on the book.

Here are the "10 Lies":

1) God created women as inferior beings, destined to serve their husbands.
2) Women are not equipped to assume leadership roles in the church.
3) Women must not teach or preach to men in a church setting.
4) A woman should view her husband as the "priest of the home".
5) A man needs to "cover" a woman in her ministry activities.
6) Women who exhibit strong leadership qualities pose a serious danger to the church
7) Women are more easily deceived than men.
8) Women can't be fulfilled or spiritually effective without a husband and children.
9) Women shouldn't work outside the home.
10) Women must obediently submit to their husbands in all situations.


Current mood: curious

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

9:26AM - THIS is unreal...


This guy put a COFFEE MAKER into his computer. This is the most ambitious case mod I have EVER seen.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

9:32AM - An Invite

Okay, cheesy, but whichever goddess randomly happen to be online at an ungodly hour this halloween night are cordially invited to a halloween IM party. Since at least 4 of us are usually there anyhow, this is just informing the others. Bring your own caffeine; conversation will be provided but we expect you to contribute. No scary stories; I might have nightmares.

Q & Laura

Current mood: amused

8:47AM - Okay Goddesses...

Here's some etiquitte!


Tuesday, October 29, 2002

5:39PM - Woo haa!

Asheris is officially here now. So, uh, goddesses. . .where are we?

We need to have topics. Here's one: Read any good books lately? I know, lame I guess, but better than 'so, you come here often?'

So how 'bout it? What are goddesses reading these days?

Current mood: creative

9:36AM - Internet Love

No, I'm not in love with someone over the internet. I'm in love with the internet.

Every so often, I randomly get that rush I got when I first learned to use the internet--when I was sitting in the WHS school library, emailing back & forth to Q and hunting down every bit of information on Sailor Moon I could find. ^_^ Just the feeling that an entire world of information is right at your fingertips, and the easiest way to contact your friends covertly when you're doing something else...ah, the internet is one of my favorite things.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

1:10PM - A Question for Q, Goddess of Knowledge...

What was decided about procuring our own domain? I have an account with Dotster, so I could add it to my list there, but who would be the contact people?

Current mood: curious

Saturday, September 28, 2002


Thought this would be of interest to the Goddesses, with the recent outbreak of doll fever...

The WeatherPixie

Current mood: accomplished

Thursday, September 26, 2002

4:54PM - Icon Fever

It's spreading.

and just LOOK at the fabulous icon Leto made for me. . .

**happy dance, hangin' wit my mac. . . **


Q, Goddess of Knowledge, is correct. Those little doll thingies are addictive. I found one site that had lots of cute props, which prompted me to get creative. One of these props was a glass of milk. I immediately think "A Clockwork Orange". I set out to make a doll of me and Alex a'la' ACO, and I ran into problems. First, I seriously doubt Alex DeLarge would EVER wear Ambercrombie and Fitch or Tommy Hilfiger. Second, the glass of milk got lost against the white background of the clothes. Third, there were no suitable "Alex" heads. I seriously doubt he would have bleached tips.

Current mood: aggravated

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

5:12PM - Oh.

I forgot to introduce you guys to the newest goddess, "Duch." (or Jenny, as she is sometimes called by mortals). A.k.a. the Duchess of Sunderland sunderland. Jenny is spiffy.

Yay, Jenny.


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