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Fellow self-proclaimed dieties.

I, Leto, Goddess of Misanthropy, Cheese, and all things Lapine, bring you distressing news. As some of you know Loxley, my High Priest of Cheese and Nose Picking, and I keep up with odd foodstuffs. We've seen purple ketchup, pink butter, purple vanilla pudding, blue french fries, apple flavored french fries, CHOCOLATE flavored french fries, and now this, the Ultimate Abomination:

Confetti Fish Sticks

Yes, that's right...fish sticks with SPRINKLES on them. I hereby declare these and Abomination before Goddess Central. I declare that we find the "powers that be" at the company that makes Fisher Boy brand fish sticks, and force them to eat one of their latest creations.

That is all. Peace be with you.
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