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A question for the Goddesses.

Has anyone heard of the book 10 Lies the Church Tells Women: How the Bible has been misused to keep women in spiritual bondage? I heard about this book on another community and I am very interested. I was wondering if anyone had read it. Personally, it sounds like good reading. I'd like to see how the author, J. Lee Grady, refutes these common misconception. Anyway, here is Amazon.com information on the book.

Here are the "10 Lies":

1) God created women as inferior beings, destined to serve their husbands.
2) Women are not equipped to assume leadership roles in the church.
3) Women must not teach or preach to men in a church setting.
4) A woman should view her husband as the "priest of the home".
5) A man needs to "cover" a woman in her ministry activities.
6) Women who exhibit strong leadership qualities pose a serious danger to the church
7) Women are more easily deceived than men.
8) Women can't be fulfilled or spiritually effective without a husband and children.
9) Women shouldn't work outside the home.
10) Women must obediently submit to their husbands in all situations.

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