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Hello Goddesses.

I'm sure some of you are aware of the recent fame certian "crap Gods" have gotten. Examples include Jeff, God of Biscuits and Simon, God of Hairdos.

But what makes a "crap God"?

Surely Jeff who blessed us with biscuits is not a crap God. Sure, he fell off of his throne, but hey. That could have happened to any of us. And surely no one would call Simon who blesses us with "good hair days" useless.

My friend Simon Jester (NOT to be confused with Simon, God of Hairdos) has recently brought to my attention two more lesser deities: The Midwestern Weather Gods: Bob and Dougie. Surely raining down 10 inches of snow in 12 hours is no small feat.

Now, fellow Goddesses, is where I bring up a most sad subject: the possiblility that people consider us "crap Goddesses". Surely we are beloved amongst our people.

And one amongst us (namely, me) has the ability to wield The Frying Pan of Justice:

Wielding such an object is no small feat and a great responsibility. Varily I did smite the harlot who was trying to tempt my lifemate and High Priest of Cheese and Nosepicking, Loxley.

Let us not use our powers lightly and use them for good, lest we be reduced to "crap Goddesses." Thank you, that is all.
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Obviously, anyone who dares to relegate us to the position of "crap Goddesses" must be poked. With a spoon. . . . and then destroyed.