ArchSchnitz (archschnitz) wrote in goddess_central,

The Return

Before him are the myriad choices, all of reality laid out in a panoply of possibilities.
He chooses one, and passes along it to the end.

Within the tower known as Goddess Central, the goddesses covene. To the newcomer some are familiar, others unknown. He pauses, finding his way forward blocked.

Inside, chaos. A beam of light strikes the tower, and the defenses raise in response. A shield of golden power springs into place, holding back the intruder.

He is uncertain... then anger builds. He constructed this tower, they dare keep him out?! The shields fail. Deep within the tower, something stirs.

The light pours through the windows, which shatter at its touch. The light fills the room and soon, within the light, can be discerned a figure. Suggestions of a shadowed face, a sheathed sword, and great wings spreading forth. His foot touches the floor, and the suggestions take form. He drops to a crouch, over six feet of armored god surrounded by robes the color of blood. At his back is a blade which still weeps blood, hanging from his belt is a great hammer, and in his right hand is a silver tube covered in switches and knobs. His raises his head, and light glints from a golden mask marred by a single blue scar. Glowing blue eyes regard the assembled goddesses until they fall upon Crespo-sama. "You, I know," He says.
He stands, and sees Her. The tube in his hand ignites, a blue bar of light hovering an inch from the end of the tube. "What is she doing here?" His voice quivers with rage and a stranger emotion deep within.
"In this place, what happened has no meaning, Lord ArchSchnitz," Crespo lays a restraining hand upon his arm, "Let it go." With an effort of will, he quenches the lightsaber. "Allow me to say welcome," she continues, "It has been a long time since you were last among us. Grateful return, Avatar."

He stands silent, the minutes tick by, and finally with a deep breath he says, "Avatar no longer, Crespo-sama. ArchSchnitz shall be noone's lesser."

And at the base of the tower, something awakened.

More on this in a moment.
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